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Consent And "Problem of Children"

by Elisha Altmann Md, PhD


The unvarnished truth is that, in the present legal and social environment, children are nonpersons, owned in body and, increasingly, in soul, by parents, the State, or a combination thereof.

Consent And Playing Marbles

by Bill Andriette


Consent is not the problem with child-adult sex, except in cases of overt coercion. ... Is child-adult sex like playing with plutonium (the standard view)? Or is it like more like taking piano lessons or riding a roller-coaster...

Is Pedophilia Violent?

byTom O'Carroll


To summarise the foregoing, then, far from being characterised by violence, paedophilic feelings and sexual expression have been noted in the literature as very often gentle, kind, loving and concerned with the mutuality of the relationship, both sexually and socially.

Moral Panics and the Social Construction of Deviant Behavior

byJeffrey Victor


This article developed a theory of moral panics and illustrated the theory with research about the moral panic over ritual child abuse by satanic cults. The theory is designed to explain forms of collective behavior previously labeled witchhunts, persecutions, panics, scares, and purges.