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My Mum's Best Friend and Me by Michele


I've just recently found this great web site and was interested and more than a little turned on by reading other people's personal stories. This is mine.

At a very young age, I found that I had an attraction to girls, especially those with large breasts. I loved looking at the older girls with tight blouses on and fuller breasts and, when I looked at them, finding myself starting to tingle down below.

One such woman that made me this way was my mum's best friend. She would always wear short skirts and tight jumpers or blouses and I found myself staring at them without realising it.

One night she was my babysitter. Being an 11-year-old girl, I suppose I couldn't be left on my own. Anyway she arrived and my parents left. We sat on the settee talking then I realised that she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her nipples poking through the fabric of her jumper. I felt a tingling like I never had before. I had to touch myself, but being a little shy, went to my room.

I closed my eyes and thought of Sarah and her body. I only just started when to my shock Sarah was watching me. I went so red, and nothing came out of my mouth. Then Sarah said, "I know your secret," and with a smile said, "Would you like to touch them?" Still red I nodded and she moved closer. This was the first time I ever held a woman's breasts. They were bigger than my hand. Then she asked if I wanted to see them, and with that she removed her top. She took my hands and I cupped these wonderful breasts. (She later told me their size was 38dd, but being so young I didn't know what that was.) She told me to squeeze her nipples which I did, then told me to lick them with my tongue. It didn't take long before my panties were absolutely soaking. She then told me to take off my top and she smiled and said how lovely my breasts were, then leaned down and kissed them. As she was doing this, I felt her fingers near my pussy. She broke off her kissing and told me I need to get out of wet panties. She helped me take them off before she removed hers. Seeing her lovely shaved clit excited me as much as her breasts.

We lay together and kissed. She said she'd teach me everything I needed to know about being with another woman, and yes she was a wonderful teacher. I couldn't wait for her to babysit me, and mum even had me stay over her place a few times never knowing what we did. Although we drifted away from each other, we still met on occassion and I still enjoy being with her, and I thank her for our wonderful time together and for being a wonderful teacher.

It is such a relief. I've been wanting to share this story of my first time for so long. It's a wonderful feeling finally finding somewhere and someone who understands and more importantly I'm not the only one. There was nothing seedy or wrong in what we did just expressing our love and desire for one another. I never felt the need for a boy/man after being with Sarah, I've only wanted to be with a woman. Now at the age of 39, I find myself attracted to younger girls and just want to show them the love I myself received. If you want to post it on your personal stories section, you're more than welcome.

I'm sure this is the start of many more visits to your site.

Michele xx