Some Novels With a Boy/love Theme

Dantzig, Rudi van, For My Lost Soldier. Also a movie.

Duvert, Tony, When Jonathan Died.

Edson, Jay, Marcus and Me. Set in the 60s. Other books by this author can be found here:

Esser, Kevin, Streetboy Dreams.

Dukahz, Casmir. Asbestos Diary.

Fuentes, Luis Miguel. Diary of a Dirty Boy.

Hamilton, Wallace, Kevin.

Hakim Bey, Crowstone.

Holland, Isabel. The Man Without a Face. Also a movie,though the movie deviates from the book at some key points.

Mackay, John Henry, The Hustler

Mann, Thomas, Death in Venice. One of the great classics. Also made into a fine movie, though the age of the boy was raised.

Peyrefitte, Roger, Special Friendships. The love affair between an older and a younger boy. A classic. Also made into a fine movie.

Stewart, Agnus. Sandel

Many of these books are out of print. A number of them can be found in libraries. Some are for sale on line, either new or used. Unfortunately some of those that are out of print are rather expensive to buy second hand. Hopefully at some point these, and titles like them, will be put in electronic form and made more available. For the most part I have made no effort to make links to places where they can be found. The situation is always changing, so the best thing is to just brows around and see what can be found.