A Selection of Some of the Most Important Books on Intergenerational Love.

Bernard, Fritz. Pedophilia, A Factual Report. This book can be found on line, here: <http://www.ipce.info/booksreborn/bernard/factual.htm>

Constantine, L. and Martinson, F.. Children and Sex: New Findings; New Perspectives. Boston : Little, Brown, ©1981.

O' Carroll, Tom. Paedophilia: The Radical Case. This book can be found on line, here: <http://www.ipce.info/host/radicase/>

Levine, Judith Harmful to Minors. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota, 2002

Plato. The Symposium. (Can be found in any collection of Plato's works.)

Plato. Phaedrus. (Same as above.)

Riegel, David L., ed. Could They All Have Been Wrong?

Rossman, Parker. Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys. New York. Association Press. 1976.

Sanfort, T., Brongersma, E., and Naerssen, A.. Male Intergenerational Intimacy. New York, Harrington Park Press. 1991.

Felicdity Goodyear-Smith. First Do No Harm: The Sexual Abuse Industry. Benton-Guy (April 1994).

Sanfort, Theo. Boys on Their Contacts With Men: A Study of Sexually Expressed Friendships. Elmhurst, NY. Global Academic Publishers.

Sonenschein, David. Pedophiles on Parade: Popular Imagery of Moral Hysteria. Self Published.

Tsang, Daniel. The Age Taboo. Boston: Alyson Publications, 1981.

Many of these books are out of print. Most can be found second hand, or in libraries. If you know what you are looking for, or just want to browse, this is probably the most extensive collection of relevant literature on line. <http://www.ipce.info/>