Older Friends

In the mainstream sources of news and opinion one never hears about intergenerational love relationships that the younger person felt good about at the time, and that he or she later on assessesed as a positive thing. In order to form a realistic picture of the many kinds of experiences that are all referred to as "sex abuse" in the mainstream, it is necessary to hear the voices of people who knew such relationships when they were young. In presenting this material we are not suggesting that one should break the law -- which, if discovered,  could put both the older and the younger person at risk of considerable damage. We are simply suggesting that social policy should be guided by an accurate picture of the phenomena that it seeks to control, and not by fantasies, deliberate misinformation, and hysteria.

Most of the examples are rather brief. The first one provides a fair bit of information about the whole relationship, and is a bit longer.

Owl Pellets

You Found Me

Being Loved by a Priest