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Many of the poems included here were found in an on-line anthology developed by a person who identified himself as "Ianthe." We don't know who Ianthe actually was. From his comments and reflections we can surmise that he was a well informed, sensitive and intelligent person. My guess is that he was a professor of literature. In any case, our indebtedness to Ianthe is acknowledged here.

It is our belief that significant poetry has a political dimension. By causing a shift in our consciousness of who we are in our situation, good poetry will inevitably change power relationships and lead to a modification of social norms. Deep changes in social relationships are sustainable only if they are preceded or accompanied by a change in consciousness. 

In this section we are not advocating for any specific changes. What we do hope to show is that strong currents of Eros between pubescent and even pre-pubescent individuals and adults have been, and continue to be, a universal and important aspect of the human experience. Also we hope to make it clear that the myth of the "innocent" (that is to say, a-sexual) child is just that -- a myth. Although many important questions regarding how to best handle these facts remain un-answered, and even undiscussed, we believe that any social order that does not begin with the acknowledgment and celebration of these facts will provide its members with neither safety or liberation.

The poems are arranged in alphabetical order by title. We hope that will enjoy them.


Annie Died The Other Day

At Dawn

Cats and Boys

Chaos Theory And The Nuclear Family

Child And Vegetables

Children -- Follow the Dwarfs

Diary-entry -- 13th July 1875


Endurance Vile

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