In obedience to the ancient ritual of all boys and streams,

Twelve year old Adam,

Perched on the ragged primordial rocks with pelvis arched forward and
        penis in hand,

Proudly forms of of his pure urine a second arch which descends
        merges into the rapids below.

He celebrates


Celebrates the cyanobacteria who for three billion years tilled
        oxygen into the sea and sky with their tiny manure and thus
        prepared the soil for the emergence of the animals who
        ungratefully displaced them from their dominance,

Celebrates the trilobites who survived two assaults on their
        viability before succumbing to some still debated cataclysm 250
        million years ago,

Celebrates the corals and the fish and the Crinoids,

And of course the Ammonoids who went the way of the dinosaurs at
        about the same time,

And celebrates grieves for the great dinosaurs themselves those
        handsome earth thumping beasts he read about in books.

Mammals couldn't do anything interesting until dinosaurs were out of
        the way paleontologists tell us in the National Geographic which
        Adam read some looked at a great deal and dimly comprehended.

Coded in Adam's body is the memory of the five cataclysms that
        prepared the earth for his birth and he is grateful but he
        also knows that sometimes the flood may be so great as to leave
        no remnant or only frogs sliding back into the sea.

With his urine Adam does homage to the Brontosaurus, the Stegosaurus,
        the Pterodactyl the Ichthyosaur and most terrifying and lovely
        of all, the fierce Tyrannosaurus.

His ritual complete his attention turns to throwing boulders
        spearing the water leaping chasms riding in his fantasy the
        sticks running the rapids sticks that have become canoes
        negotiating the rivers of rain forests still undiminished in his

Ecstatic now in his true habitat,

Adam celebrates his boyhood,

And is only dimly aware of the sixth cataclysm already beginning to
        transform his boys body,

Preparing it for extinction.

        Jay Edson