I Am That

I am something you almost see in the forest
From the corner of your eye,
And then is gone.
It is night.
Pretend it is night.
Stars are falling in the forest.
I am the sex offender that you read about
Once again yesterday
With only the names changed,
And you wonder again what unspeakables
Might be dressed up or perhaps even cross dressed
In such abstract nouns as
Though of course love was never mentioned.
I am that.
The wolf under the bed that lingers into adulthood.
The wolf now stalking Red Riding Hood in the woods.
The wolf that will not survive the direct gaze.
It is night.
We are pretending that.
It is in the forest.
You turn to see it more clearly,
And then it is gone.
I am a memory of when you touched yourself
In that place where boys and girls are not so different really,
And discovered what we might now call a Supernova --
For it was more energy than you thought possible
Consuming vast regions of space
In a blinding happiness you knew you could not tell about.
I am that.
That bright star.
Or the memory of one
Seen only off to one side.
It frightens you.
So you kill me
Thinking you can do so without also dying --
That you can clang that huge door shut
Only on me.

        Jay Edson