Diary-entry.  13th July 1875. 
As I walked from Shanklin to Sandown along the cliff edge I stopped to watch some children bathing from the beach directly below.  One beautiful girl stood entirely naked on the sand, and then as she half sat, half reclined sideways, leaning upon her elbow with her knees bent and her legs and feet partly drawn back and up, she was a model for a sculptor; there was the tender supple waist, the gentle dawn and tender swell of the bosom and budding breasts, the graceful rounding of the delicately beautiful limbs and above all the soft and exquisite curves of the rosy dimpled bottom and broad white thigh.  Her dark hair fell in thick masses on her white shoulders as she threw her head back and looked out to sea.  She seemed a Venus Anadyomene fresh risen from the waves.
   Rev. Francis Kilvert.