What We Think About

What does a mathematician think about? She thinks about expanding the difference between two terms by the binomial theorem and how the squaring of a growing sequence of numbers causes the pattern to oscillate between positive and negative and how x and y dance around one another in perfect symmetry as they grow apart and how there is a kind of music in this choreography of numbers. And what does the musician think about? He thinks about a violin concerto by Bach and how the melody of the violin rides above the lower melodies of the orchestra as a lively child might splash in moving waters which hold him safe on the sunlit surface and how there is a kind of math in this polyphony and how the melody of the violin repeats and repeats again with variations but then changes and moves on and how especially in the slow harmonies of the middle movement the high melody evokes a kind of pain. And what do I think about who am neither a mathematician nor a musician? I think about the sunlight on my wall disclosing exactly this accidental shade of blue and how it reminds me of the way in which the bottom edge of your swim trunks folded up to reveal just this color on the inner lining and how the white ashes clung to your knees and you squinted in the smoke while you roasted your marshmallow and how cat-like you stalked the frog and did so with such patience that you were able to pet it and it did not hop away and how I shall never see you again.