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Childhood sexual experiences and adult health sequelae among gay and bisexual men: defining childhood sexual abuse

by Sonya Arreola, Torsten Neilands, Lance Pollack, Jay Paul, Joseph Catania


"Interestingly, the forced sex group and the no sex group were statistically indistinguishable in their level of well-being, while the consensual sex group was significantly more likely to have a higher level of well-being than either of the other two groups. This suggests that consensual sex before 18 years of age may have a positive effect, perhaps as an adaptive milestone of adolescent sexual development."

Childhood sexual experiences and the perception of abuse among Latino men who have sex with men

By Curtis Dolezal and Alex Carball-Dieguez


"Nevertheless, there is a substantial amount of sexual activity at a young age with older partners that is not perceived to be abusive by the men who experienced it. For this sample of men, a perception of abuse is associated with coercion and the age of the child."

'The Main Thing Is Being Wanted': Some Case Studies on Adult Sexual Experiences with Children

by Chin-Keung Li,


"Are all pedophiles violent child molesters? Or are they, as one pedophile has argued in a book, gentle and loving people? [*3] There is a great need for giving voice to the viewpoints of pedophiles, not least because they are rarely heard. We must let them speak for themselves. It is through listening empathetically to their accounts that we can hope to achieve a dialogue with them and consequently a better understanding of their experiences."

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