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The Friendship and Sex: What The Boys Said

From Boys on Their Contacts With Men: A Study of Sexually Expressed Friendships

by Theo Sandfort


"The boys found sex a pleasurable aspect of their friendship, but it certainly does not seem to have been their most important reason for maintaining it -- this is sharp contrast to the assumption of many people that pedophile relationships are exclusively sexual."

The Baurmann Report

Sexuality, Violence and Psychological Sequelae

By Michael C. Baurmann

This is the largest study of sexual abuse ever done. The report is much longer than most non-scholars would want to read. The "final conclusions" section, however, is enlightening. In it he states that "Looking at the effects of criminal sexual acts on the declared victims, it turned out that many reported sexual contacts caused no harm at all." (pg. 469). In this section he also brings into question the current practice of treating all sex offenders as a single monolithic group, all of whom share many characteristics with the most violent rapists. In addition, his discussion of the "secondary harm" caused by the reactions of society is edifying.

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