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An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Nonclinical Samples by Rind, Bauserman, and Tromovitch,


The results of our reviews clearly show that the assumptions of most mental health professionals, legislators, law enforcement personnel, media workers, and the lay public that sexual relations defined as CSA cause intense harm pervasively for both boys and girls are vastly exaggerated.

Adult Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse:
A meta-analytic review of college student and national probability samples

by Tromovitch Rind and Bauserman


Analyses of the data gathered to be nationally representative imply that the association between having an experience classifiable as CSA and having poorer adult functioning is small.

The Effects of Early Sexual Experiences:
A review and Synthesis of Research

By Larry L. Constantine


Put simply, the research literature shows there to be no inbuilt or inevitable outcome or set of emotional reactions to incest or to sexual encounters of children with adults. The more negative outcomes are associated with ignorance of sexuality; with negative attitudes toward sex; with tense situations; with force, coercion, or brutality; and with unsupportive, uncommunicative, or judgmental adult reactions.

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